Horn Training and Tutoring Center [HTTC] was established in 2014. It is officially registered at Somaliland Ministry of Education & Science with Reg. No. MOE/NFE/24. The center is composed of two sections:

Tutoring Section: This section is focused on tutoring primary and secondary school students and adult learners by using Somaliland Ministry of Education Curriculum.   It contains, both, in-class and online tutoring and teaching.

Training Section:  This section has been established to develop and perform trainings both basic and advanced – including tailor-made programs for individuals and specific groups.



Staff, administrators, and students of Horn Training and Tutoring Center [HTTC] are committed to creating a learning environment which encourages all members of HTTC community to expand their Knowledge and skills.

To facilitate this mission, we promote academic excellence in our teaching, training and tutoring activities, encourage personalized student learning, foster interactions and partnerships with our surrounding communities, and provide opportunities for the intellectual, cultural, and artistic enrichment of the nation.


To be the center of excellence for upgrading primary and secondary school students and developing human resources necessary for Somaliland economy by focusing on improving country’s workforce through skill training and tutoring. We will serve our student body, trainees, communities and country by creating programs and partnerships that respond effectively to an evolving and interconnected world.


  1. Capacity building through training and tutoring.

  2. to support students’/trainees’ academic/professional learning by providing free instructional support and resources to reinforce and supplement classroom instruction and to help students/trainees achieve academic success.

  3. Provide qualified, trained trainers/tutors for one-on-one or group consultation

  4. Provide training/tutoring which supports the academic standards and curriculum of Somaliland

  5. Support learning in a positive and caring atmosphere, confidence and self-esteem

  6. Promote independent learning by offering online, self-paced and individualized instruction in a technology rich environment

  7. Respond equitably to the needs of all Somaliland/Somali students, regardless of gender, age, regional origin, disability, religious denomination, and all other discriminative measures.

  8. Refer students to appropriate support resources

  9. Work collaboratively with Somaliland Ministry of Education & Science and other interested stakeholders to maximize opportunities for student and trainee’s success

  10. Provide a safe and secure training and tutoring environment for trainees/tutees and trainers/tutors

  11. Ensure that all trainers/tutors and staff undergo Civil Rights training and adhere fully to the no-discrimination and harassment standards

  12. Maintain and improve the standard of our services through a process of regular evaluation and revision

  13. Provide trainers/tutors and staff with relevant training and with opportunities for personal and professional development

  14. Ensure that our trainers/tutors and staff stay informed about current adult education principles, approaches, methods, techniques and materials

  15. Ensure that our tutors provide learning support that is based on sound adult education theory, principles and practice

  16. Serve as a professional local and national resource for tutoring assistance.

  17. Employment generation through basic skill trainings



  1. Provide professionally competent training and tutoring center and staff.

  2. Demonstrate excellent and effective teaching.

  3. Provide student-oriented institution and staff.

  4. Provide competent graduates

  5. Create an environment conducive to academic excellences and growth for all students and trainees.

  6. Provide and maintain safe and healthy physical facilities.

  7. Provide an active student/trainee development program to foster student/trainee participation in HTTC actions.

  8. Develop programs to attract national recognition.

  9. Provide guidance services to assist students/trainees in making an appropriate vocational choice.

  10. Provide education and training which allow graduates to advance rapidly in their chosen fields.

  11. Instill in students the desires to learn, which will guide their growth in their professions.

  12. Provide on-the-job training to persons currently employed.


  1. Respond to community needs by designing curriculum and instructional methodologies relevant to Somaliland’s changing society.

  2. Ensure continued professional competence of the institution and staff in teaching, creative endeavors, and service.


  1. Provide open access for those who wish to attend through online apps.

  2. Provide services for the community.


  1. Promote a belief in the dignity, equality, and value of every student/trainee.

  2. Recruit and maintain a diverse student population.

  3. Decrease gender-bias and other discriminative measures


COMMUNITY: We cultivate partnerships that develop solutions to community challenges which are important to education and economic vitality, and quality of life.

EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence in instruction and service by upholding high academic and professional standards, providing a quality educational environment designed to address the existing training/education needs, and continuously seeking improvement in all aspects of our work.

INNOVATION: We pursue excellence in teaching and learning through encouragement and support of creativity, experimentation, imagination, originality, entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership.

INTEGRITY: We strive to demonstrate high standards of ethical conduct and to celebrate honesty, openness, and trust as keys to our relationships.

RESPECT: We recognize and value the uniqueness, diversity, and dignity of every individual.

STUDENT-CENTERED: we are responsive, supportive and dedicated to students’ success and committed to providing a comfortable, friendly and safe environment where active learning takes place.

COLLABORATIVE: we work closely with Somaliland Ministry of Education & Science to ensure learning assistance programs and services meet national standards and student needs.

QUALITY SERVICE: we provide students the highest quality of learning and service and are committed to excellence.